August 2018 preliminary contract signed for industrial expansion
Juli 2018 Completion of internal refurbishment of, among others, assembly and welding area
March 2018 Certificate NEN-EN ISO 9001:2015 recertification TÜV
February 2018 3Nine oil mist eliminators
February 2018 Nakamura WT-150II
February 2018 Victor V-center AX350
October 2017 Victor Vturn-NP16
September 2017 Victor V-center AX350
July 2017 2x Victor V-center – P106
November 2016 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam 2017
August 2016 Victor V-center AX350
July 2016 UR10 robot
December 2015 Victor V-Center A130
December 2015 Update CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
September 2015 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X9
September 2015 Cleaning machine for products – own design / development
September 2015 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
July 2015 Victor V-center AX350
June 2015 UR10 robot
May 2015 Laser marking machine
March 2015 Update CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
March 2015 Certificate NEN-ISO 9001 recertification TÜV
February 2015 UR10 robot
November 2014 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X8
April 2014 6-axis Doosan lathe
March 2014 FUHO vertical belt saw
November 2013 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X7
November 2013 UR10 robot
November 2013 T-Jaw belt saw
September 2013 2x UR10 robot
May 2013 2x Victor V-Center AX350
May 2013 Expansion compressor
November 2012 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X6
May 2012 5-axis OKK milling machine + robot cell
April 2012 µC5-robot cell
March 2012 Certificate NEN-ISO 9001:2008 recertification TÜV
March 2012 Start of interior refurbishment
November 2011 5-axis Bridgeport milling machine
October 2011 Star long-turning automatic lathe with barfeeder
October 2011 5-axis Doosan lathe
October 2011 Cleaning unit: ultrasonic, rinsing basin, hot air dryer
May 2011 13-axis Nakamura NTY-3
December 2010 3-axis Victor Vcenter-A72 vertical milling machine
December 2010 CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
November 2010 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X5
November 2010 Upgrade electrical capacity