November 2023 Fanuc Robocut α-C400iC wire EDM
June 2023 Robojob tower + robot
May 2023 Briquetting metal chip press+ filter unit for coolant
March 2023 Nakamura-Tome NTY3-150
January 2023 Victor Vcenter P136
December 2022 Victor Vturn A200 + barloader
November 2022 Manually operated 3D measuring machine
September 2022 Victor Vturn-S26
August 2022 Briquetting metal chip press + filter unit for coolant
April 2022 Robojob tower + robot
April 2022 Nakamura-Tome NTY3-150
March 2022 Doosan Lynx 2600SY + barloader
February 2022 OXYCOM cooling units
January 2022 Victor Vcenter P76
December 2021 MEGA sawingmachine type H330 GA
September 2021 OKK VC-X350 + UR10E robot with loading cabinet
March 2021 Certificate NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 recertification TÜV Nederland
January 2021 Victor Vcenter P76
May 2020 UR10E robot with loading cabinet
May 2020 Nakamura-Tome MX-100
January 2020 2x Victor V-center AX380
May 2019 3D measuring machine Hexagon Global “S” Chrome 9.15.8
May 2019 start production in extra production facility Coenecoop 640
February 2019 transfer and start of renovation for expansion of production facility
October 2018 winner golden UR10 robot
August 2018 preliminary contract signed for industrial expansion
Juli 2018 Completion of internal refurbishment of, among others, assembly and welding area
March 2018 Certificate NEN-EN ISO 9001:2015 recertification TÜV
February 2018 3Nine oil mist eliminators
February 2018 Nakamura WT-150II
February 2018 Victor V-center AX350
October 2017 Victor Vturn-NP16
September 2017 Victor V-center AX350
July 2017 2x Victor V-center – P106
November 2016 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam 2017
August 2016 Victor V-center AX350
July 2016 UR10 robot
December 2015 Victor V-Center A130
December 2015 Update CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
September 2015 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X9
September 2015 Cleaning machine for products – own design / development
September 2015 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine
July 2015 Victor V-center AX350
June 2015 UR10 robot
May 2015 Laser marking machine
March 2015 Update CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
March 2015 Certificate NEN-ISO 9001 recertification TÜV
February 2015 UR10 robot
November 2014 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X8
April 2014 6-axis Doosan lathe
March 2014 FUHO vertical belt saw
November 2013 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X7
November 2013 UR10 robot
November 2013 T-Jaw belt saw
September 2013 2x UR10 robot
May 2013 2x Victor V-Center AX350
May 2013 Expansion compressor
November 2012 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X6
May 2012 5-axis OKK milling machine + robot cell
April 2012 µC5-robot cell
March 2012 Certificate NEN-ISO 9001:2008 recertification TÜV
March 2012 Start of interior refurbishment
November 2011 5-axis Bridgeport milling machine
October 2011 Star long-turning automatic lathe with barfeeder
October 2011 5-axis Doosan lathe
October 2011 Cleaning unit: ultrasonic, rinsing basin, hot air dryer
May 2011 13-axis Nakamura NTY-3
December 2010 3-axis Victor Vcenter-A72 vertical milling machine
December 2010 CADCAM software Esprit Millturn Multi Axis
November 2010 Update of 20 CADCAM-systems to Mastercam X5
November 2010 Upgrade electrical capacity