In addition to machining operations Heemskerk Fijnmechanica BV can provide the following services:

Reverse Engineering
If the customer has a product without drawing, the draftsman can convert this product to a CADCAM model using 3D measurement technology.

Surface treatments
There are lots of additional treatments – heat, surface – which Heemskerk Fijnmechanica BV can provide, through a network of external suppliers. The result is one contact person for the customer.

Laser Marking / laser engraving
Products (both metal and plastic) can be provided with a laser-marking. These markings can be used for identification, personalization, decoration, etc..

It is possible to assemble components. Precision parts are skillfully assembled into semi-finished or finished product.

Transport and Shipping
Depending on the agreements, products can be collected or delivered by own transport or by carriers at the delivery address.

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